Right books to crack IIT – JEE

It is very important to get the right idea about the best books which will be really helpful to secure a good rank and percentile in JEE – IIT mains and advanced. As it is known, to secure a good rank one must master the understanding of the syllabus in all three subjects which is physics, chemistry and mathematics. Books are the best resources to acquire knowledge.  Below here, we have mentioned the best books which provide the best material for the respective subjects in order to attain the best marks in your examination.

  • Physics: Concepts of physics by H.C Verma – if you are a  Physics freak, we have something really beautiful here. Concepts of Physics by H.C Verma is one among the most brilliant books that is written for JEE aspirants. It aims at boosting your conceptual understanding and provides problems from ground level to higher levels which are mentioned gradually in order to provide the perfect pace in preparation of both easy and hard concepts. H.C Verma mentions two kinds of problems which are subjective and objective. If you practice subjective questions to attain knowledge, you will be able to test it by following the objective questions. Wiley’s Halliday/ resnick/ Walker physics for JEE by Halliday, resnick and Walker – This is another excellent book which can help a student prepare for their JEE – IIT examinations. If you are particularly interested in understanding theoretical concepts of physics, along with photographs. Visuals have the tendency to acquire information for longer in the brain as well which acts as a bonus in this case. Problems in general physics by I. E ironic which aims at helping the problem solving skills of an individual  when it comes to concepts in physics.
  • Chemistry: Chemistry is a scoring subject in JEE – IIT examinations. If you wish to grasp a strong command over this subject, it is recommended for you to first start with NCERT textbook – This textbook enables you to perform better as a lot of questions in your examination come directly from the ncert textbook. It is one book which covers a huge range of topics as well as provides solutions, in order for you to understand how to solve a question, if you are unable to. Chemistry portions for JEE – IIT is divided into three parts which is organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry. Problems in physical chemistry for JEE by narendra aswathi which provides a whole range of problems in this field and helps you boost your confidence in this part of the syllabus. If you wish to understand theoretical concepts of physical chemistry then please refer to books by cengage publications. Organic chemistry by Morrison and Boyd – is the best book for theory and practice of organic chemistry. It provides you to get better at your problem solving skills. Inorganic chemistry by J.D Lee – is the best book which will help you understand the syllabus of organic chemistry as they explain the concepts with beautiful detailing and easy command over the language.
  • Mathematics: Mathematics is a really interesting subject. If you are wishing to prepare for JEE – IIT, then in terms of mathematics, you will need more than just NCERT textbooks. Cengage maths by G Tewani, Comprehensive mathematics for JEE advanced by Tata microhill publications, problems plus in IIT mathematics by A Das Gupta and Arihant problem book in mathematics for IIT – JEE by SK goval are all excellent books in order to refer to while studying for your examinations. If you religiously solve all the pages of these books, it is promised that you will get bright marks.

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Although these examinations might come off as really difficult to excel at, with the right amount of dedication, practice and usage of right resources, one can perform amazingly and acquire beautiful marks and grades. It is highly advised to solve IIT – JEE previous years question papers. By doing so, you will understand that a lot of questions have a repetitive nature. NCERT is an important book to read for both chemistry and physics so make sure that you are very thorough with the same. All the best for your exams! If you have the will to study, you can do really well at your examinations. Believe in yourself and you have already halfway made it there.

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