10 Of The Best Logo Design Software Tools for 2021

2021 is an important year for individuals and organizations to restore their business and brand awareness, and why not maximize your chances by using the best logo design software tools on the market today.

TRUiC Logo Maker

TRUiC logo maker has made designing a professional logo easy enough anyone can do it. By choosing from 700 industries and inserting a business name, TRUiC logo maker generates thousands of high resolution logo designs. TRUiC Logo Maker is different because users can customize logos before and after downloading to ensure logos work for all types of brandable items. TRUiC offers users guidance on how to design the best possible logo to mark their business or brand. TRUiC provides users with unlimited logo designs, all free of charge.


Logomaker has everything you need to design a professional logo with over 10,000 icons, graphics and texts. After choosing templates and design elements, users are again able to change colors, text size and fonts before downloading their unique logo. Their potential for customization is limited, but for $39.99 users can download original logo designs within minutes of starting.


LogoYes is one of the most user-friendly logo design platforms that allows users to pull and drag graphics icons and texts onto their canvas. LogoYes has no real customizations tools, and allows one graphic per logo design, but for the low price of $0.99 per logo design, users are able to create powerful and high resolution logos.


Canva is a graphic design tools website that uses a drag-and-drop editor tool for design logos. Canva has over a 100 templates on which users can build their logo; their templates, graphics and text are high quality and produce sophisticated designs. Canva is free using your own design elements or Canva’s free design elements, they also offer premium design elements at $1 each.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is an advanced graphic design tool, a little bit on the pricey side. Users pay a $20.99 monthly subscription fee, which allows them to customize almost every element of their logo design, from individual gradients to shape-building tools, giving users control over all aspects of their logo design.


Logoshi offers unique and customizable logos at reasonable prices. Logoshi generates multiple logo designs based on various inputs. Users can tweak colors, size and positions of their chosen logo design. Logo designs can be purchased from $5 to $30.


SoThink has a variety of customization tools and special effects for a once-off price of $59.99. Users can choose from over 300 templates to add and edit different design elements as they go. SoThink has advanced coloring tools, vector drawing tools and special effects for better customization.


GraphicsSprings is an uncomplicated logo design tool with professional features that works well for logos based on business or brand names. Simply by inputting a business name and industry, GraphicSprings generates a logo design, after which users are able to edit in more detailed effects. Users can download their unique business logo for $19.99.


Laughingbird’s Logo Creator is a user-friendly logo design tool.  $37 gives users access to 170 logo templates, over 200 design elements, and unlimited logo edits. They have special effects and text options, and produce bold, unconventional and fun logos that tend to make a statement.


Looka is unique in that it combines user design preferences and Al tools to determine template types, color pallets, or front styles users like best and generates custom logos from those preferences. Customization is limited, users can only edit colors and sizes of designs. Looka charges $20 for single low resolution logos and $65 for multiple high resolution files and color variants.

What’s the verdict?

Deciding on which logo design software tool is best, think about user-friendliness, professionalism, customizability, and pricing. Each option will score differently. Some, like Logoshi and GraphicSprings, are more user-friendly while others are higher priced offering more advanced design elements and customization, like Adobe Illustrator and SoThink. But TRUiC logo maker offers unlimited professional logo designs that are highly customizable and professional, free of charge. So why not give it a try.