5 Most Affordable Towns to Buy Property in Cornwall

Many people want to own properties in Cornwall, whether its locals, buy to let investors or second home owners. But with a ready supply of buyers comes rising property prices.

So in this article, we are taking a look at the 5 cheapest towns to buy a 3 bedroom house in Cornwall.

  1. Camborne

Bargains may be possible here as you can buy a three bedroom house in this town for as little as £150,000. This used to be one of the richest towns in Cornwall because of the tin mining industry, but with the closing of the last pit came a weakening of the local economy. Employment is hard to find in the town compared to elsewhere and as a result property prices are the lowest.

  1. St Austell

This is one of the largest towns in Cornwall, although it may not be as pretty as others. It is though located close to some of the region’s top tourist attractions such as the Lost Gardens of Heligan and the Eden Project and has good transport connections. You could buy a 3 bedroom house here for only just over £150,000.

  1. Helston

This town has a history of over 800 years and is the most southern town in Britain. You could pick up a bargain 3 bed place here for £155,000 which is pretty reasonable considering it has lots of good schools and transport links.

  1. Launceston

You can buy 3 bedroom houses here for as little as £140,000 but it comes fourth on our list because realistically you may be looking more at £160,000. This could still be a bargain especially for buy to let,   as employment rates are high in this town because of the large amount of industrial estates nearby. There are also a number of schools and shopping facilities.

  1. Bodmin

Likewise you may be able to buy a house for £130,000 here, but Bodmin comes fifth on our list because it would be safer to assume you would be looking more at around £170,000. The benefit of Bodmin is that it is a very large town, but also has a rural setting as close to Bodmin Moor.

Because it is a big town, it has its own railway station and various schools and shops. And it comes with a bit of local legend, namely the ‘Beast of Bodmin’, which is supposedly a ghost like wild cat that roams the moor.

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