Boost Your Workforce’s Productivity Via Teambuilding: Most Effective Strategies Analysed and Discussed

Your company’s productivity is only as effective as the teams that facilitate the work day-in-day-out. Without a well-unified team in the workplace, your overall success will be limited. To boost your workforce’s productivity, consider implementing these teambuilding strategies to result in a successful company.

Purposeful Hiring

Hiring is the first stage you should focus on if you want to achieve a productive workforce. So, you should be intentional in the way you hire your employees. First, have a clear company/business vision and goals, which will guide you in hiring the kind of employees that will form the type of team you would like to have. A good team focuses on the same goal, has the same zeal, and shares your company’s vision and goals. You can consider bringing in the team that will work with the new hire in the interview room to determine if they are a good fit.

Build Communication

According to Ariel Pfeffer, CEO of the Prospekta Global Marketing Company, communication is the key to developing a good team. Initiate activities that help your workforce teams develop good communication practices. For instance, sitting in a circle with a telephone whereby the first person whispers a message to the next person, who then transmits it to the following one until everyone gets it. In the end, the last person may not get the same message the first person communicated. Through such an activity, you can emphasize to your team the importance of maintaining proper communication and improving that in the future.


Change is inevitable for an excellent team to stay productive. If you have a good team, it will evolve to meet the ever-changing market needs to adapt to the consumers’ needs they encounter. Whether it is the ever-changing business climate or technologically, you must track the changing conditions in their field and encourage them to adopt them as a manager. Since workforce teams are made up of differently talented individuals, you can help them evolve by identifying opportunities for individuals to grow on what they already know. When they grow, they expand the team as well.

Conflict Resolution

The most challenging part of maintaining a team is the need to resolve the conflicts that arise between the members amicably. Note that it is through conflicts and disagreements through which the best ideas are refined. You should encourage the team to discuss new ideas and practice critical thinking to develop different perspectives. However, you should not let their disagreements get out of hand. A good team doesn’t let disagreements divide them but instead works through them. If well managed, conflict is the way to perfecting ideas.


A good team is maintained by encouragement. As a manager, you have to keep an eye on your team and boost their morale. It is never too much to provide incentives for your employees to encourage them. If one employee in the group is stressed, it will quickly sweep across to the other team members like a virus. So, you should acknowledge every effort an individual makes towards the growth of the whole team. You can use the email channel to encourage each member of the team on an individual level.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining a good team improves your company’s overall workforce productivity. With the above teambuilding strategies, you can create the best workforce team for your business.