Documents You Need To Destroy With Local Shredding Services

Stealing identities is something that happens every single day, and it can affect both your personal and business perspective. You should keep the personal information private and find ways to dispose of the documents that you do not need anymore.

You can do it by using the office or household shredder, and burning the rest when you finish it. However, you need to realize that even without a shredder, you can find the alternative that will allow you to dispose of the documents that may affect your future.

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In case you do not have enough money to buy a brand-new shredder, you do not have to worry because you can get rid of confidential documents without using one.

The Main Purpose Of Shredding

It is vital to understand why you must shred the documents in the first place. Of course, not all these options will provide you the same level of protection as the shredder, but can reduce the chances of identity theft.

One of the reasons why you have to shred your document is to protect the information that you have on them. However, generally, even if you do it, that is not proof that you can prevent the information from entering the wrong hand.

We can differentiate two types of shredders cross cut and strip cut. Strip-cut shredding will cut paper in a single direction, this is why you will get long strips of paper as a result.

On the other hand, crosscut cuts will go in both directions, which mean that you will get multiple pieces of strips.

Even though you can get much more security in case you get a crosscut shredder, they will fill your bin much faster, and you will need to consider more maintenance by oiling them regularly.

Of course, both methods come with potential disadvantages, which is why people decide to choose the alternatives that we will mention to you in the other text.

Remember that shredding is not foolproof, because some software can stop sharing the particular documents. Therefore, if someone really wants to do it and put the numerous pieces together, they will be able to obtain your information.

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Remember that the high security of shredder means that you will get the higher levels of shredder documents, which means that people that wish to set them as puzzle manually will need more time and effort in general.

In terms of documents that you should consider handling, you should shred everything that comes with PII or personally identifiable information. We are talking about your address, name, phone number, credit card, social security number, account number, and many more.

Generally, you should protect everything that others can use against you, which is why you should dispose of it securely. It does not matter which particular method you wish to use for the process.

How To Dispose Of Documents Without A Shredder?

1.   Do It Manually

The first method can be labor-intensive, but it is useful in case you do it correctly. We are talking about doing it manually, which is not as secure as other methods, but you can do it.

Remember that it is not that simple, which means that it is best to consider a few things beforehand. When doing it by hand, you need to make sure, then sensitive areas of the document are not visible and handled in multiple pieces.

At the same time, you should dispose of various parts in different recycle bins or trash because by doing this, there are fewer chances that someone will notice the pieces of the document and put them together.

You can do it for credit cards, but remember that you should place each part at different bin so that you can prevent the problems that may happen. Of course, the most secure method is to find local document shredding services that will help you with the process.

2.   Burn Them

You can do it only if it is allowed in the area you live in but must dispose of sensitive information without shredding it by placing it in a fire pit.

Before you decide to do it, you should still manually tear it apart and place it in the fire so that you can avoid further problems.

As soon as you put out the fire, you should make sure that everything in the ashes is unreadable, and to see whether some pieces of paper remained transparent. That way you can prevent this problem along the way.