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As many B2B and B2C organizations have come to realize as a result of the pandemic, in order to successfully conduct business with customers online, a polished customer communication management strategy is necessary. While it’s true that the customer preference for communication had been shifting toward digital throughout recent years, pandemic restrictions limited the ways in which businesses could provide for their customers. As physical locations became more and more restrained, it was clear that organizations had to provide the highest quality digital communication that they could in order to keep customers happy. Surprisingly enough, a great deal of customers were pleased with the efforts that organizations had made in transitioning exclusively to digital commerce as a result of the pandemic.

While there were plenty that were pleased, there’s always bound to be customers who felt as though their expectations weren’t being met. These customers had reported that some businesses hadn’t adapted their customer communication management strategy enough in comparison to other businesses. This, in turn, lead to these customers having negative experiences with these businesses. Unfortunately, this would typically mean a customer won’t return or support a business any longer. As businesses continue to struggle as a result of the pandemic, this can lead to disaster. If an organization is unable to maintain their current customer base through these adaptations, how can they expect to attract any new customers? The key is through a high-quality customer communication management strategy.

Prioritizing three core elements of most successful communication strategies has shown the most success. Personalization, security and privacy are these core elements. Beginning with the first, personalization relates to customers wanting organizations to both understand their unique needs and provide accordingly based on those needs. Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all experience, customers want an experience specifically tailored toward them. In order to accomplish this, customers must be willing to divulge certain information to these businesses though. Which is where privacy and security come in to play. The information that customers are willing to share should remain private and secure, which becomes the responsibility of the business they are purchasing from. In order to protect this data, organizations have had to invest in highly sophisticated digital communication platforms that have been integrated into their core systems.

These three aspects are meant to provide a foundation to customers, but businesses around the globe have come to integrate more unique aspects into their customer communication management strategy. For example, online retailing businesses have prioritized including live chat services for the sake of interactivity. Shoppers can communicate with a representative in real-time regarding stock, sizing and even deals they might’ve overlooked. Years prior, some customers wouldn’t have even considered this possible; now it’s become the norm in the industry. Similarly, most organizations in the e-commerce space have come to utilize omnichannel communication. This method includes using every channel available to communicate with customers. Rather than limiting how customers interact with your organization and how your organization interacts with customers, omnichannel communication breaks down all barriers. Social media tags and notifications, e-mail communication, text message deals and coupons, the possibilities are truly endless. Allowing customers to communicate through any of their preferred channels is one of the keys to a fully realized customer communication management strategy.

For more information regarding these strategies, be sure to take some time to check out the infographic accompanying this post. Courtesy of Conduent.

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