How to count poker chips? Learn pro tips here!

Many chips are one of the first things that comes to mind when someone talks about poker, but most people probably don’t stop to think about why chips exist in the first place. Isn’t it hard to turn all that money into these weird game disks, and then turn it into money again? But there is a better reason for that – chips are easier to count than cash! Cash office casinos have millions of dollars in special cash limits, but the only ones that include chips are plastic racks, a smooth surface, and empty clerk’s hands. Anyone can learn to count poker chips  like an expert!

Choosing chips

The first step in calculating chips is to find chips that can be easily calculated. Not all chips are made the same way! Casinos that use flat, smooth, and clay chips give them a “sticky” texture to make them more comfortable. They have labels with a custom print function to separate the chip from those from other casinos, as well as images under dark light to deter hypocrites. Such chips are expensive, costing more than $ 1 per chip! The durability of these chips makes them less expensive in casinos, but hobbyists just can’t afford to spend that much on chips.

Instead of pottery chips, home poker lovers should rely on cheaper plastic based chips. They are very cheap in these small and light plastic chips with metal attached to keep the stack of chips from falling off. Such chips should be avoided; the integrated feature of the chips makes it very difficult to calculate! Instead, you want something like a casino chip, with smooth surfaces. Some texture is good, it helps to add clay-like friction that is not in the plastic chip. Many retailers offer a compact chip, made of metal slug (to add weight) with round plastic wrapped. These chips usually incorporate the art of dice engraved on their faces. These chips are cheap and readily available, and will do well for most players. For players looking for a casino-like experience, standard pottery chips are available online, such as Da Vinci chips (pictured), which sell for 50 sets for $ 20.


Now that you have your chips, you need to set the prices. It is important to use easily separated values, so that the chips are colored up or down (shifted between layers) easily. You don’t want one chip that costs twenty for the next color down! And you want your players to understand the reasonable number of chips, and if your players have played in a casino (or other games) before, they would expect your chip colors to match what they saw.

Here is a typical chip color scheme, which is used in many casinos:

  • Yellow – 50 ¢
  • White— $ 1
  • Red— $ 5
  • Green— $ 25
  • Black – $ 100
  • Purple – $ 500

Beyond the $ 500 level, chip colors are not uncommon from casino to casino. Yes, if you play penny-ante poker, it is not easy to have $ 100 chips; instead, you can divide this chart by 100, and make your white chips make a value of 1 ¢.

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