How To Use Gummed Paper Tape

Custom packing tape is a common question that is a concern many people have since it is quite complicated to apply to boxes. This is because the adhesive on the tape is not yet activated. Water would have to be applied to it but just the right amount to bind optimally to the surface of the box.

There are two ways to apply gummed tape, either by machine application or by hand. If you decide to do the latter, it can get a little messy and sticky. Depending on the size of your business, it may not yet be the time to purchase a machine to help you apply it by hand. This technique is only for companies who are just starting out and are more cost-sensitive. What it consists of is using a sponge and some water to dampen the adhesive and apply it. In some cases when too much water is applied, the tape can start sliding to one side or if too little water is used, it will unbind very easily.

It is easier to apply with the use of a machine since it will be able to measure the exact length needed and will use the right amount of water. All that’s needed is someone to take the strip and stick it onto the box. Another solution is to have a machine get the whole process done fully. As the process becomes more automated, the more expensive the machinery. Depending on the size of a company, it is worth looking into acquiring such machines since it can save a lot of labour costs on the long run.

Advantages of gummed tape

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At this point, it is pretty clear that the application of gummed tape is more complicated than other standard packaging tape. But this process is worth it since gummed tape is a great option for many companies. It sticks just the same in varying temperatures and if the environment is dusty.

Since the world is becoming more green conscious, gummed tape is a great option since it can be recycled with the box. This is because the film is made of paper and the adhesive is made of natural ingredients. It is also possible to have a custom printed logo or message onto the tape to make your package stand out. Just note gummed tape is brown so the colors of a logo need to be adjusted to make sure it looks right.

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