Spanish Comedy Movies Your Family Will Enjoy

If you’re looking to get stress under control, a good laugh might be what you need. The complete abandon we feel when we are wracked with tear inducing laughter is extremely relaxing. However not everyone is blessed with a good sense of humor and so contacting experts for the job is the way to go. Each joke carefully written by comedians, here are some Spanish Comedy movies that will have you LOL-ing in no time.

Medianeras (2011)

Showcasing the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, this movie revolves around two strangers who live opposite each other. Pilar López de Ayala just had painful breakup that she is trying to process while Javier Drolas is a phobic web designer with struggles of his own that he’s dealing with. The common denominator though, is the urban loneliness that plagues the two. Watch them come together, and discover themselves anew. Beware though, the film is cuteness overload.

Ocho Apellidos Vascos / Spanish Affair (2014)

A love story that’ll have you hooked to the screens, this movie tells the tale of relaxed southern Rafael, born in Andalusia, and Amaia who has roots in the Basque culture. An interesting take on Spain’s inner turmoil, the film offers light comedy and funny scenes that have you rolling in laughter.

Nine Queens (2000)

This crime-drama film follows the story of two con artists. They meet at a convenience store where Juan us trying to scam the cashier. When he attempts the same trick with the next shift he finds himself faced with a policeman. Luckily it’s just another con artist who finds his ways interesting. Two heads are better than one so when they come together they’re planning to pull off an elaborate scheme. Will it work? Well, you’ll only know if you watch.

El Narco (2010)

Deportation to Mexico was not in Benny’s plan but when he comes back to the country after 20 years he finds that the game has changed completely. To ensure his survival he gets in to the narc business. Offering tons of action with guns firing and bombs exploding, the film keeps you at the edge of the seat sometimes with tension, other times with laughter. A must watch for those looking for a good time.

Vivir Es Fácil Con Los Ojos Cerrados (2014)

Set in 1960s Spain, this movie tells the story of an English teacher, Antonio, who is enamored by The Beatles. His goal is simple, to meet his idol, John Lennon.

Thus, Antonio sets off to Almeria to find him. Along the way though he picks up two strangers. Hitch-hikers are a scary lot but no road trip would be complete without them and in in this film they have their own arcs that you’ll find interesting.

Mr. Kaplan (2014)

An existential crisis is sure to mess you up. At 76 years of age though, Jacob Kaplan finds himself faced with one, uncertain of what to do. An ex-cop determined to bring a suspicious ‘Nazi’ to justice, he sets out to kidnap him and what follows is well, a crazy adventure you wouldn’t want to miss. Set in Uruguay, it showcases a scenery not many other movies offer. A great treat for the eyes and heart alike, Mr. Kaplan is the lazy day watch you didn’t know you needed.

Wild Tales (2014)

Executing a movie with dark humor is no easy task but this Argentinian film does justice to the genre. The film comprises six standalone stories, each showcasing moments from the lives of distressed people. You get to see Romina take her revenge from her husband whom she learns has cheated on her, during the dance at their wedding. Telling the story of a teenager wracked with guilt after his hit-and-run which reportedly kills a pregnant woman and Simon Fischer whose car keeps getting towed the movie tackles impossibly dark scenarios and gives you tragicomic humor like never before. A word of caution though, this is not for the faint-hearted.

Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown (1988)

Another dark comedy for those who enjoy it, this movie is about a desperate woman determined to keep her boyfriend from breaking up with her. How, you ask? Well, this time it’s phone calls. Given that the former lovers are voice-actors in the film, there’s a lot of comedic value to enjoy.

Final Word

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