The number of traders not knowing what to do when they need to pick the best account types at Exness forex broker. This a result of the Exness forex broker having so many demos and real account types. Nevertheless, the question right now is what would be the best account type and what exactly is different between the Exness accounts?


There are 3 trader’s types that use Exness accounts Cent:

First thing in my mind, not every person take part in Exness. Maybe they even have no idea about whether it is good or not? For many kinds of reason, it’s just that they need to get an account to check. So now I will tell you what kinds of good thing that you will get with this. It is very simple for you and the only thing that you need to do is send in $10 and you will have 1000 USC. More than that, I have done this so many times and I just noticed that Mini and Cent Accounts have quite the same condition, especially if we are talking Exness leverage or Exness minimum deposit.

Secondly, Scalp robots are used regularly by many traders. This robot was designed to finish many trades right at the moment it sees a favorable situation. According to that feature, exchangers prioritize the Exness accounts with small trading volumes.

The last thing, not everyone is an expert. Using Cent Exness accounts will allow them to reduce the risk of losing a lot of money, but it is still real.


This kind of account is one of the most favorite accounts that are used here. The reasons why almost every Exness forex broker register this account are the Exness minimum deposit amount does not technically exist as it is only 0.01 along with 0.3 volume for minimum trading, low spread and lastly the high Exness leverage.

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How about professional traders?? Which accounts that they use? The answers for this are ECN and Classic account. To become a real expert, the common knowledge that you must have is ECN account is the best for traders. In spite of that, it not only stable, prices always change very quickly, widely and dramatically but also not as good as normal. Not just that, you also have to acquire a lot of experience, skill, and information while using ECN transaction.

According to what I just told you before, Exness designs a Classic account as a stable type of account which is even better than ECN. Because Classic accounts are designed for traders to make large transactions with the small difference, from 0.1 with the EUR/USD and no commission fee at all. Furthermore, the accelerator is much higher too with its cost decreasing so quickly and the Exness minimum deposit is reasonable. Lastly, the Exness leverage is also one of the highest. So, as an expert in trading and the problems of ECN are so annoying and you cannot stand, I suggest you should pick a Classic account. One more tip for you, you can only deposit 2000$ at least in your first trading, but no limit will be placed on your next deposition.

BRKV – What account type would be wise for me to open? Classic is my favorite type. Although there is no way that you can evade the big first-time minimum deposition of $ 2000, in the following deposits, there is no limit placed on you at all, meaning you can store as much as you can reasonably expect. So, on the chance that you put resources into the entire arrangement, you should open up the Classic record to save money on key exchange costs.