Victoria-Coins Review 2021 – Worth it or not? (

Have you ever imagined how different life would have been for us traders if there were no fraudulent forex companies? If I look back at my 25-year trading career I can count a very small number of traders who have actually remained safe from the fatal attacks of fake forex firms.  Most people have suffered a lot at the hands of these every time a fake firm comes your way you are back to square one. Had it not been for these firms, imagine the number of people who would’ve not returned disappointed and would have thrived.

All my trader friends were together a few weeks back and we were extremely upset to realize that our children will enter a trading world that is all about scams and frauds. You might underestimate how damaging this trading atmosphere can be for the young buds. But now that we have landed in an era where scammers are more in number than the reliable firms, we ourselves have to take up the responsibility to search for the ones that are trustworthy.

I realized this later in my life when I had already been looted many times. If you have also been exploited by them, you are not to be blamed fully. The thing is that they have devised traps in such a skilful manner that it gets really hard to spot them. After seeing so many fake firms and working with them I have closely seen how they function and this gives me the ability to tell you all ways you can avoid them. In the review below I’ll try to give you an account of what the broker is like as I explain what key features to look for in a firm. If you can find all of these then you can give the broker a shot.

I got to know about Victoria-Coins from my friend who saw me struggling with fake brokers every day. He said his neighbour told him about this one and he has found this very effective and efficient for his trading career. I found all the praise that he did right after using it myself. He told me beforehand that this broker, like any other, has some flaws but you can work with them because they don’t impact the competency of the broker. Before you make a decision of joining this firm you should look into these because there is a chance that these flaws have a different impact on your work.

Victoria-Coins has changed the trading scenario for me. The services provided have been highly satisfactory for me. Not only that I found the working environment great but also because the ease of trading could be seen in my profits and my performance. When I was doing my research I easily figured out that the broker was trustworthy but it took me around six and a half weeks to make my final move because I wasn’t sure if this broker could serve the diverse trading needs. Because I wasn’t sure about it I got started by making a basic account. When I was sure about the firm being a good broker, I got my account upgraded and this is one thing that I’d recommend you all to do before joining the broker formally. This way you get a chance to closely observe a broker and analyze the pros and cons. I later upgraded to the Gold account because all the features that it provided seemed enough for me.


Let’s start with the review with the hope that I can be of little help to you all young ones who are struggling with these fake forex firms.

Well-Guarded and Immune to Attacks

Because we see traders losing money every day due to inadequate security, you need to look for a well-guarded form that is immune to all sorts of attacks. Being associated with this broker for a long time has told me that Victoria-Coins will always go the extra mile to ensure that you do not have to suffer at hands of inefficient security. I have seen that they have devised rules, regulations and conditions which together work towards the provision of a safe working environment for the traders. Joining this broker got me back to my peaceful nights. I would like to tell you that all these years, I haven’t heard any of the customers complaining about compromised security. While I was researching I found out that this broker is known for being immune to attacks.

Commendable Product Length and Depth

If you open the main page of the website, you’ll see that the broker promises endless opportunities. I feel like that is something very true. Here at Victoria-Coins, you can pick out of the large variety of tradable assets and make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities to maximize your profits. Let me tell you something from my own journey. When I joined Victoria-Coins I had lost my money so many times I didn’t want to take any more risks so I was only a commodity trader. I could not imagine putting money into any of the risky trading branches. But when I joined, I gradually became so confident about myself that I was finally ready to make my first move in the area of crypto and stocks. I have to say both of them were good but stocks remained more profitable. The first-ever stock that I bought was of a telecom company and I made a profit of around 23% on it which was great. I think stocks can be a great source of wealth if you make the right choices at the right time.


Use Whatever Device You Have

When forex firms were introduced everyone felt like the entire trading world has moved to the laptop and now we’ll have to carry it with ourselves all the time. But things changed and good brokers like Victoria-Coins made website versions available for phones and tablets. I find all of these very user-friendly but one thing which I have noticed in the mobile version is that when you open it you get a notice which says that the website uses cookies so do we want to continue using it. THe don’t allow option is covered by Contact Us so this leaves you with no choice but to say okay. You can’t ignore it and keep using it because it restricts the view. Otherwise, I think the websites are great for all devices. On the phone version, things like the return to the top button make the user’s experience even better.


Okay, so this is one thing that got important to me after signing up for a broker which had a very dark-coloured background throughout the website. Here at Victoria-Coins, you’ll find patches of light and dark on the main page but other pages have a dark background. And this is something I don’t find highly appreciable. Some people think it’s an old age thing but when I was young, I used to be equally uncomfortable because it makes some operations like chart reading way more hard and complicated. Also, you need to be quick about your decisions so you don’t have time to focus a lot just to read the value from a dark background. I seriously hope they add an option that lets one pick between light and dark themes and backdrops.

Register Easily

Let’s talk about the registration process. I have seen that some forex firms have made the registration very hard. They ask for all the irrelevant information and provide you with the lamest responses when you ask them the reason for such details. Here at this broker, this isn’t the case. All you need to do is fill up a very basic form that asks you for information like your name, email, number. Next, you need to verify it all to get started. All the provided information is safe with the broker. Some people are not good at filling forms so they should add a call to register option where you provide them with the details and get yourself registered.


Pay Your Way

The broker lets you pay using three ways which are Maestro, Mastercard and Bankwire. Each of these is popular all around the globe and most of the traders are okay with these but I am looking forward to a time when they introduce more options like PayPal. Bitcoin should also be added keeping under consideration the rising popularity. I have been using Bankwire. I feel the need to mention that I like how they keep all the transaction information safe.

Concluding Remarks

Victoria-Coins isn’t an average broker who isn’t concerned about the large clientele and their interests. In fact, I love how they keep their clients first and make decisions that benefit them. Although there are some flaws that need to be worked on, in my opinion, this is a great broker. You can definitely look into this one.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.