Ways To Preserve Your Mobility Scooter Battery Charge

How do I make my mobility scooter batteries last longer? Finding yourself in this situation means that your mobility scooter is losing charge more quickly than usual. A standard battery can last you for up to 3 years of operation. Failure to do so means that there is something wrong. This situation can be very frustrating.

However, there are some effective strategiesfor batteries to help them last as long as possible. This article is here to help you go over some of the most popular strategies to decide for yourself which one would work best for you.

Replacement of Old Batteries

The most common solution that people turn to is replacing their old batteries with new ones. Choosing this option can be costly, but it’s often the best in the long run. New batteries will have more life in them hence will last longer than older ones. You can use a battery tester to determine whether the batteries really have a problem. However, a battery that has served you for 300 cycles or more needs automatic replacing when it starts losing charge.

There are many different brands of mobility scooter batteries on the market, and not all of them are made equal. Hence, get high-quality batteries that will serve you for a long time.

Use the Battery Indicator

Another common solution is to locate the battery indicator on your mobility scooter. This will tell you how much charge your batteries currently have.  A low battery will indicate that it’s time to start charging it up.

It is customary for the battery indicator to be digital with an analog amp meter. It also has either an orange needle or a digital LED light.

Many people choose to use this method to avoidreplacing their batteries altogether.

Top off The Batteries

This solution is for scooters without a battery indicator. Topping off should happen every time the batteries are in use. This means that you’ll be adding just enough power to them so that they’re not completely drained when you put them away.

This option can consume more time than some of the other methods, but it’s still relatively simple to do. You just have to ensure that your batteries are full of deionized water before charging them.

Balanced Charge

The best way of maintaining a good battery life with your mobility scooter is by making sure that it has an even charge all around. This is for the scooters which use more than one battery. Having an uneven battery charge can cause problems down the line, especially when one battery depletes before the other. You’ll need both batteries for operation, and they should be at roughly equal levels of use throughout their lifespan.

Test the Charger

One of the most common causes for batteries losing charge is an issue with the charger. There’s a high chanceof it being defective or simply not working correctly. You can test to see whether this is the case by plugging your scooter into a different outlet and trying again.

Alternatively, you may want to consider purchasing yourself another charger rather than spending money on new batteries right away.