5 Silly Myths Of Buying Bike Insurance Online Busted!

As a bike or scooter owner, you are probably aware that owing basic liability insurance for your vehicle is mandatory in India. Not having at least this minimum form of insurance will see you incur hefty fines. Moreover, the lack of two-wheeler insurance also puts you at risk of heavy financial losses if you meet with an accident.

Fortunately, getting bike insurance these days is super simple as most insurers have made their policies available online. However, despite this convenience, many people still do not have the coverage they need. This gap in insurance may be partially attributed to the presence of many myths that stop people from getting their policies online. To help dispel the rumours, we have listed out 5 common (and silly) myths about buying bike insurance online that you need to stop believing immediately.

Buying Bike Insurance Online Can Get Confusing

Leading insurance provider’s have extremely intuitive websites that seamlessly guide you through the process of buying bike insurance. All you need to do is keep your bike details and personal information ready. As soon as you fill in details like your name and bike registration information, you will be directed to the subsequent steps of buying insurance online.

Paying Online Is Not Secure

As long as you purchase your two wheeler policy from the insurer’s official website, you have nothing to worry about. Just make sure to look for the ‘golden padlock’ sign in the address bar when you go to the website. Also, avoid transacting over a public Wi-Fi connection; go to a private network or use your own mobile phone’s hotspot.

You Could End Up Paying More for an Online Policy

In fact, it the exact opposite that is true. When insurance companies offer their products online, they save a lot in terms of set-up costs and agent commissions. These savings are often passed on to the customer in the form of discounts.

Insurance Companies Don’t Offer All Their Two-Wheeler Policies Online

As we can see from the point above, selling insurance policies online is quite cost-effective for insurers. As such, leading insurance companies do offer all their products online in an effort to encourage customers to go digital.

Online Purchase Is Only for Those Who Are Computer-Savvy

You do not have to be a genius at the computer in order to buy bike insurance online. The entire process is as simple as filling up a form, except that here you do it digitally. If you get stuck at any point in the process, you can simply call up the insurance company on their toll-free number and receive step-by-step guidance from a customer support staff member. All of this can happen at a time and place of your choosing – it is really that simple indeed!

Now that these myths are out of the way, go ahead and buy two wheeler insurance online with ease and peace of mind. Good luck and ride safely!