Advantages and Disadvantages of Outdoor Advertising

Many businesses and brands are changing the way that they market their companies; the use of outdoor advertising is on the rise. Outdoor advertising, like billboards, offers a unique way to reach target consumers that direct mail or digital ad strategies may not.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor advertising?

Familiarity and Exposure

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Outdoor advertising is an effective way to build-up familiarity with your brand, name or logo, fostering a sense of loyalty through mere exposure. Viewers, consumers and potential patrons are seeing outdoor signage, like billboards, and are retaining some of this information—often without realizing they are doing it. This foundation of brand familiarity may lead to enough trust for consumers to try what is offered.


Consumer Recall

Considering outdoor advertising is usually seen for only a few seconds, historically the challenge has been getting prospective customers and patrons to retain and recall company contact information. However, mobile phones make it easier for viewers and potential buyers to remember contact information from a billboard, sign or other outside advertising platform.

Customer Reaction

Naturally, a company that is advertising wants a positive response and reaction from their ads; studies show that nearly 60% of prospective buyers respond to outdoor advertising, such as billboards and signage. People are more receptive to the non-intrusive nature of a sign, and typically, they will notice and read it.

Wide Berth

Outdoor advertising often appeals to a wide berth of consumers—many who may not benefit or be interested in the product or service being sold. These platforms do not have the inherent ability to target a specific population, beyond mere geography and location of the ads.

This is where advertising professionals can help. They possess the skills to hone-in on the best spots, campaigns and types of signage to attract your ideal, consumer audience. Consider consulting with a pro.

Cost Effectiveness

Looking for a lot of bang for your budgetary buck? Billboards and outdoor advertising are the way to go. With these strategies, a brand can create a lasting customer impression at a low price point per view. By contrast, digital marketing campaigns may be more expensive for the typical business.

Billboards can be an effective strategy for brands and businesses that want to market their company and expand their reach. To learn more, talk with industry experts in outdoor advertising to discuss a viable and effecting marketing plan today!

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