Alex Kleyner Miami Store2door: Gaining Success Through Workplace Diversity

Alex Kleyner is the Canada-born entrepreneur who, thanks to his two major enterprises Store 2 Door and ABK Capital, has fast risen to prominence as one of the top visionary leaders in the US.

Store2Door, an online delivery service that had started out as an international products shipping service that delivered all sorts of American goods and products to Middle Eastern countries at highly affordable prices, is considered a pioneer in this particular niche.

ABK Capital, on the other hand, is a real estate capital investment and advisory firm working with a wide range of institutional and independent developers in the US real estate industry. Alex co-founded ABK back in 2014 with Brian Hernandez and the company helps property developers raise capital for acquisition, construction, refinancing, and other similar types of projects.

Alex Kleyner Miami on What Has Led Him to Success

Recently, Alex spoke in length to California Business Journal about his journey as a business entrepreneur; how he has been able to achieve such huge success in a relatively short time; challenges he meets as a leader, and how he copes with them; and about his business philosophy in general.

We must also make a mention here that Alex had started out his journey as an entrepreneur in California and Store2Door has its headquarter in Burbank, California. However, the company has already opened its second base in Miami, Florida, and ABK Capital is also based out of Miami. This is the reason why whenever Alex Kleyner of Store2Door or Alex Kleyner from ABK Capitol is mentioned these days, he is often referred to as the Alex Kleyner Miami.

In fact, in the course of the interview mentioned above, Alex mentions that although his journey spans from his native Ontario to California and now to Miami, he is still relatively new to the coastal metropolis of Florida. As such, he finds it immensely satisfactory whenever people refer to him as Alex Kleyner Miami since, according to him, he sees it as recognition of all the good work he has done as part of ABK Capital but also of the fast growth of Store2Door at Miami.

Having a Diverse Team

The issue of workplace diversity, as we all know, has become a hot topic these days. So, as expected, Alex was asked about the hiring philosophy he follows for his businesses, especially for Store2Door. In reply, Alex maintained that workers for Store2Door come from all walks of life and that having a diverse team is actually highly beneficial for a logistics company like Store 2 Door. Alex elaborated that since the customers of the company embrace people from various cross-sections of the society, a diverse team actually helps the company understand the mentality and expectations of its diverse base of customers. The visionary leader added that his company has also received global accreditation for workplace diversity from a number of online retail giants including Amazon.

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Alex Kleyner Store2Door: Elements Key to the Company’s Success

According to Alex, ‘radical transparency’ and open-mindedness with regard to company policies are two key elements that he believes have helped his company reach the success it has. This applies to both Store 2 Door and ABK Capital. He maintained that having worked in two such different verticals and has been successful in both the endeavors made him learn that maintaining an open-door policy and a culture of transparency in the workplace is the key to success, no matter what niche you are in.

He went on to explain that he always encourages his team to come up with new ideas. Of course, not every new idea may prove to be practicable or fruitful for the company’s growth. All the same, it is important since having thorough discussions around each idea makes way for clarity and helps the team to have a better understanding of many important aspects of the business, things that may otherwise have remained obscure. In addition, Alex remarks, this culture of exchange of ideas helps foster a healthy relationship among the executive level employees and fills them with a sense of mission, both of which are of paramount importance when it comes to the continued growth of a business.

But what happens when something goes wrong? Or when someone commits a costly mistake?

In answer to these, Alex says that here again the open culture of the company proves to be of big help. Employees are not afraid to admit when something goes awry. This ensures that even if any particular decision fails to yield the expected results, the company can correct its stance before it results in any major setback.

However, Alex also revealed that it is also important for businesses to remain strict in this regard. At Store 2 door, for example, the company is altogether transparent with its One Strike Policy. The company makes it clear that it will only tolerate one costly mistake from an employee and as such, the first instance should be regarded as a veritable red flag by the party responsible.

Keeping the Noise Out

Alex Kleyner Miami also talked about what he sees as one of the biggest challenges for all business leaders and entrepreneurs today. On one hand, in the fast-changing business environment of today, one needs to always stay up-to-date with all new technologies and stuff. However, this may also lead to a lot of noise and distraction. One, therefore, needs to strike the right balance and must find some way to keep the noise out while at the same time making sure not to miss out on any new opportunities that can give the business an edge over its competitors.

By way of example, Alex revealed that at Store2Door, one way they cancel out all potential distractions is by simply setting up Google Alerts for the company’s targeted keywords. According to Alex, the ability to avoid unnecessary noise is a critical and highly valuable quality when it comes to being a smart and successful leader in the hectic business environment of today.