Drop-and-Hook Freight: Pros and Cons

 The freight forwarding industry is developing so fast. Only several years ago it was impossible to imagine that everyone could order items from any place on the globe and receive them in a couple of weeks. Nowadays shipping is an integral part of any business. No matter whether you own a huge corporation or a tiny online store, you are to use the freight forwarding services to complete your clients’ orders and stay afloat.

The shipping industry is also rapidly changing. Only about a hundred years ago, the major way to transport cargo was the railroad. The parcels were delivered with the help of trains. Nowadays truck logistics are in great demand. It’s worth highlighting that the traditional ways to deliver cargo by truck have been modified, too. More and more business owners benefit from the so-called drop-and-hook freight transportation. Below you find the major pros and cons of this model of shipping.

Prime Advantages

The competition among freight forwarders is rather tough. No wonder, freight logistics companies try to satisfy their clients. The best way to do this is to provide them with the most convenient services. The drop-and-hook option is a perfect solution. The drivers are to deliver your cargo to the needed point within the shortest possible time;
It’s an ideal variant for those whose plans are constantly changing. Moreover, it can become a good solution if you fail to find a proper warehousing variant;

It’s possible to save your money. The rates are lower while this option is not about expedited shipping.

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Significant Disadvantages


The containers are not always on the move. The period when the boxes stay within the distribution center may be rather long. No wonder, it’s not a perfect solution for expedited shipping;

Less Control.

It’s necessary to understand that containers with your items may stay some time without your control. You can’t exclude the possibility of a loss of your cargo. Other carriers may pick it up by chance.  It’s a good idea to entrust your shipment to professional logistics brokers while they offer you to benefit from effective tracking apps. With their help, you always know where your shipment is;

More Physically-Demanding.

When it comes to the live load model of transportation, it’s up to the carrier to think about how to download or upload containers. They are to rent the necessary tools and equipment. If you do not cooperate with experienced forwarders, it’s up to you to look for the needed supplies. If you have no experience, it can become a real challenge.

Yet, it’s necessary to highlight that drop-and-hook freight can become a perfect solution if you cooperate with competent forwarders. With their help, it’s also possible to minimize the above-mentioned disadvantages. The specialists are to pick up the needed trucks, trailers, and containers. They are to arrange downloading and uploading details.

So, the drop-and-hook model is quite popular while it offers great flexibility to the clients. Yet, while this model of transportation is relatively new, there are still some aspects you should consider to avoid possible losses.