How To Choose A Belt Holster

We at On Your 6 Designs specialize in Kydex concealed carry holsters, and since we make custom holsters, we’re constantly thinking about holsters. We thoroughly check all aspects of quality control, including the fit, the material, the assembly, and holster use.

Due to their ease of use and capability of being quickly drawn, inside-the-waistband holsters and outside-the-waistband holsters are the most common methods for carrying firearms.

With advancements in compact firearm design, holster improvements, and lighter materials, the holsters from On Your 6 Designs are perfect for concealed carriers across the country.

A Wearable Iwb Holster

From the outside, wearing an IWB holster seems relatively straightforward. Placing the firearm between your hands and your pants’ waistband allows you to conceal it. Placing your pistol in the correct position, and knowing how to do this, are very important.

If you were a clock, your waist would be between twelve and twelve o’clock, your hips would be between three and nine, and your rear would be somewhere around six o’clock. There is no rule as to which angle a belt-waist holster should be worn, but some angles are more comfortable and easier to draw from than others.

 Positioning Yourself Correctly

You must first unload the firearm from its holster in order to determine the proper position for holstered firearms. Wearing the holstered pistol should not prevent you from carrying out your normal daily tasks. Consider walking, getting in and out of your car, sitting in different chairs, or bending, flexing, and shifting while you walk.

During all of these steps, keep an eye on where the pistol sits against you, and if you can, ask a partner or friend to make sure it isn’t caught on your clothing or revealed by your normal movements.

Many carriers choose to position their pistols at 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock because they feel natural in this position, while others opt for 4 o’clock, 8 o’clock, or even 2 o’clock or 11 o’clock. Pick a position that is both concealed and comfortable for your body type and level of comfort.

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Achieving Concealability While Maintaining Comfort

In discussing concealed carry holsters with clients and friends, we realized that the issue of comfort is probably the most frequent reason why people do not carry their firearms. You are more likely to leave them in your home safe if they dig into your side inside the Waist Holster. Because firearms cannot be used by anyone other than the person who has taken them, they should never be left at home.

In addition to positioning the pistol holster properly, there are several other ways to make concealed carry more comfortable. Wearing a tough leather belt is the first step. You won’t have to worry about your pistol warping and digging into your sides when you’ve got a thick belt on. The next step is to wear an undershirt. This prevents your pistol grip and holster from rubbing against you as you move.

Last but not least, you should position yourself in a position that is the most concealed. Carry concealed firearms with holsters in many states, otherwise the carriers may be prosecuted for brandishing a firearm. When a weapon is fully concealed, others are relaxed since they are unaware of its presence.

Holsters designed for IWB carry are designed for concealment. It is true that some argue that wearing holsters outside the waistband makes you less of a threat, but they also make you more vulnerable. When aggressors see that you have a pistol holster on your outside pants, some may pause, but others are likely to shoot you first in order to avoid having to worry about your loved ones or friends.

When you conceal a weapon in a holster, no one can see it until you fire it in self-defense, which gives you a tactical advantage. When you engage an attacker, he has no idea that you can interfere with his plans.