Know Where Your Fleet Is

Fleet tracking has become more and more popular with businesses across the country and North Wales, giving customers a live and up-to-date whereabouts of their parcels, food and taxis.

But what is Vehicle Fleet Tracking?

Fleet tracking is a management system that uses GPS (Global Positioning System), to monitor and track activity including vehicles, workers and equipment. Known as Vehicle Fleet Tracking, it generally comprises of a collection of cars, vans or trucks that is part of one company or group.

Fleet tracking collects information from telematics technology in real time so that fleet managers can make strategic decisions about operations in the business. These may include, whether another vehicle will need to be dispatched to a new job or locating the nearest vehicle in a specific area, or a workers whereabouts.

How Can Vehicle Fleet Tracking Be Useful To You?

Vehicle fleet tracking can give you up-to-date information about your fleets whereabouts without the need to call and ask, but there are plenty of other benefits for your business.

Saves Money

There’s money to be saved by having a Vehicle Fleet Tracking system installed. By knowing the whereabouts of your fleet you will be able to keep a close eye to see that they aren’t taking any extra breaks or going off route for no good reason. Not only will you save precious and valuable work time, you will also be saving a significant amount in fuel costs which can mount up after a week going AWOL. Not only that, you’ll be able to avoid any hefty traffic fines, as your employees will be more consciously aware of their driving skills.

More Efficient

Vehicle Tracking Systems not only allow you to track and trace your fleet but will also provide your users with improved route planning cutting out any unnecessary avoidances allowing them to complete more jobs within a specified time frame. The more efficient your company is the more customer satisfaction rises.

Happy Customers

One main advantage of a Vehicle Fleet Tracking System is the boost in customer satisfaction. With more and more mobile applications using this feature, it will allow your customers to track the whereabouts of their delivery or taxi in real time. It also gives customers the added security they need if they happen to be riding in one of your taxis, to know that their whereabouts are being tracked at all times. As you begin to gain customer satisfaction, you will find that not only will the word spread that your company is “one of the best”, but your customers will continue to use your services again and again.

Extra Safety

As well as saving money and making life a little bit easier for everybody, safety is another key player when it comes to why fleet tracking may be useful to you. Fleet tracking systems operate on GPS which means that they can be traced by anyone. By having a system in place, it prevents future vehicle theft which can result in lower insurance policies and extra peace of mind. As well as this, drivers in your fleet will be more aware of their driver behaviour which will see them driving more responsibly on the roads because they know they are being monitored.

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