Pandemic Safety: Keeping Yourself and Service Crews Safe During the Pandemic

Once the pandemic hit, people have thought about the different ways they can do things better. Better, in this case, means that they have to re-think the ways they’re doing things so that the virus will not spread. Such is life under the pandemic.

Just because the pandemic has bought everything—schools, businesses, and other things people are used to—to a standstill, doesn’t mean that people’s needs will stop too. They still have to work. The personnel at the vacuum repair service center will still have to check their clients’ inquiries. At the same time, people also have to eat. They still need to cook, order food, or go to the grocery to buy ingredients.

In the case of service crews, you’ll be hard-pressed to check on the people entering your home to check the spread of the virus. If you’re looking for ways to stay safe in the time of the pandemic, here are some ideas on how you can do that:

Cancel Appointments if not Important

Paula Cannon, a virologist, and professor at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine said that people should practice canceling their appointments, unless necessary.

According to her, people should consider the importance of letting fewer people into their homes. They should also consider re-scheduling appointments unless it’s of dire need, such as when the bathroom is clogged or when a door is hanging on its hinges—real emergencies.

The professor added that, instead of thinking you’re not trustful of them, people will instead thank you for canceling your appointment. It’s your own way of saying that you do care, and you also put the service crew’s best interests first.

Ask Companies to be More Upfront with Their Cleanliness Protocols

While it’s important that you should take companies to task regarding their hygiene at work, it’s even more important during the pandemic. It may be a matter of life and death, in fact.

Ask businesses that are operating about their health protocols as well as the policies that may have become edited because of COVID-19. It’s important that you know more about this, especially if you have no idea about what your service provider is doing with regard to hygiene.

Some companies are forthcoming about this. They are also keeping their lines of communication open and make it a point that customers know about what they’re doing to help stifle the spread of the coronavirus.

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Make your work Environment Safe

Keeping people safe is not only the work of the service crew. You should also do your part in keeping the safety protocols. You should discuss with the service provider how the visit will go so you can prepare even as the service crew is preparing to visit your home.

There are some companies with different methods when it comes to working. Some people prefer that their customers are present while they work, while others prefer that they be given the space that they require. During the pandemic, the latter is a default choice.

Most companies tend to keep their distance from their customers during the pandemic, but some may still have shortcomings. It’s your duty to remind them to be more proactive.

Keep Distance from Others

The CDC has recommended that workers maintain proper social distancing while doing their job. If other people are present in your home, then you should honor that they are staying away from you by doing your part. This included helping your relatives that have disabilities keep their distance from these people as well.

You should also discuss with the company how their workers with disabilities can stay safe as they work in your home. Make sure to have an environment that’s as inclusive as possible; all people should be protected equally.

Keep the Workers to a Limited Number

There are people who want to have their problems solved as soon as possible, and that’s one of the main issues at home. However, during the pandemic, most service crews operate in a limited capacity. It’s up to you to be as welcoming of this method as possible.

Seek to keep yourself away from these workers, check their work protocols, and make sure that you’re doing your part by keeping the proper distance. The pandemic will soon be over if everyone is doing their part in making sure that it doesn’t spread.

You can still have work done in your home even during the pandemic, but you should accept how it must be done. Wear masks, keep your distance, and make sure to disinfect your hands. That is already a big help to the service crews working in your home.