The Meaning of Business Signage and Things to Consider

Advertising all business kinds becomes more challenging nowadays. Consumers may not pay attention to your marketing efforts because of the growing market. Little did they know that a large percentage of funds are spent on signage production, specifically with digital signage. As predicted by the UAE Digital Signage Market Forecast & Opportunities, the digital signage market will continually grow and can turn into an essential medium for your business. So, why do these signs work very well? What is the science behind good signage?

What Makes a Good Signage?

Good signage is an advertising medium that connects with the audience and has the right objectives. The main goal of digital signage is to boost your sales and customer loyalty regardless of the varied market. Lots of marketers today are fully dependent on digital promotion because of its quick positive effect.

Making good signage requires identifying what is relevant to people before having a clear picture of the ROI. Come to know your potential customer’s wants, needs, and even where they spend time most. Consumer relevance will always be ahead of what you can offer in the market. These simple things can help your business in doing signage correctly and highly effective.

How Does Business Signage Works?

Many successful businesses are currently investing in signage and had no regrets. It helps in increasing brand awareness, as well as purchase amounts. Mainly because digital signage always puts consumer experience on the frontline that results in a huge return.

Here is the psychology of good signage that makes it work for most organizations:


Signage would not be effective if not being relevant to the consumers. One thing advertisers should observe is how a marketing medium can bring impact with lots of competitors in mind.

For instance, is point-of-sale signage promoting a perfume is more relevant than when advertised on a radio segment. With digital signage, you can easily show a clear message to the right consumers at the right time.


Comparing digital signage with traditional advertising makes a huge difference. The latter is fixed and cannot adapt to consumers, but digital advertising is more flexible in meeting every consumer’s needs.

The best example is roadside signage that holds a different message in different timelines for the commuters. Same as with in-store signage that varies depending on footfall.


The market is now overloaded with advertising mediums that make consumers filtering out what they must absorb. They become more selective, thus businesses made a way using signage that can hold attention genuinely. This is to lessen relative unfamiliarity among potential consumers, which worked effectively in some organizations.

Nielsen data shows that 55% of consumers seeing a digital billboard were highly engaged, and that’s a great number.


An advertising medium is designed to interact with the consumers and not only to impose upon them. The goal is to allow consumers to take control of your content, and feels less like a burden. Some techniques can bring negative emotions toward the market, like loud-mouthed advertisements.

Almost 93% of viewers like signage with interactive capability than an imposing medium.


Having the first four sciences of good signage will result in the best customer experience. One of the main reasons why digital signage aimed to improve year after year is to create a cool way to promote your business. They are made to entertain, engage, and persuade consumers the easiest way.

Digital advertising targets to demand attention rather than earning it, which traditional advertising’s false step. Overall, using signage is all about urging the public to engage with your business.

Four Elements For A Good Signage

Do consider the following essentials to end up with good signage for your business.

Display Location

The placement of signage can add to the impact on your business. After identifying your customer profile, it would be easier to find the best spot for your signage. Know the possible contents that can steal attention, such as audio and other factors. Besides, the demographic alignment must be considered for better viewing of the signage.

The purpose is to maintain easy access for people to see, read, and interact with your business.


Signage’s design must not bring confusion among consumers but something easy to understand. Learn about the Stroop Effect Test mentioning signage terms that may lead to interruption, for example in using conflicting colors.


Simplicity when applied to signage can give a positive impression to the audience. Focus on what you offer, and think of words that can catch human attention in a span of seconds. It is because signage is just a glance medium that might result in much attention when having the right message.


Play with timing not to frustrate consumers getting the same message repeatedly. There are two types of signage –static and dynamic signage. Timed signage is best in an airport lounge compared to low view-time areas.

Recommended Sign Writer For Your Business Signage Needs

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