8 Must-Have Concrete Finishing Tools in the Construction Business

No construction project can be accomplished without using concrete. It is one of the quintessential components of the construction business. Every structure and edifice from commercial buildings to homes stands on a solid footing or foundation that is made of concrete. Builders and contractors use a whole lot of tools while working with tools. Given the significance of the concrete jobs in construction, they buy the best concrete tools to ensure quality construction that can withstand weather and the test of time.

The market is filled with countless tools that are used in concrete jobs for pouring, molding, leveling, and finishing. Here we provide a list of the most essential tools that you would need for concrete finishing.

Magnesium Float

This is mostly the first tool that you would use after pouring the cement mix. It is a great tool to level the cement and get a flatter concrete surface. Sometimes, non-professional use a 2×4 that results in lesser perfection.

Concrete Vibrator

A vibrator helps you get an air-free solid concrete cure. Although many contractors argue that it is not an essential component and the same result can be achieved with a simple stick, nothing can match its efficiency and effectiveness.

Concrete Finishing Trowel

A finishing trowel is a tool made of steel and is used to get a super smooth texture on the surface of the concrete. It brings water to the surface that helps in creating a smooth finish as the surface is worked upon by the tool. However, you must ensure that you do not put too much water on the surface.

Concrete Edger

An edger is used just as the concrete begins to harden. You would place the edger against the edge and drag it. It is highly used to break the concrete from the form board and get a professional finish along the edges.

Control Jointer or Groover

Cracking is frequent and normal in concrete. A control jointer helps you create a line in the concrete with the help of a rib that runs through the middle of the tool. By doing so, you can ensure that the concrete cracks, if it at all does, along the lines created by the jointer and from the center. It is mostly used in the sideways and for pads and prevents any major loss as the concrete settles and is stressed.

Pressure Washer

Often an old concrete structure is weathered only at the top and is solid inside. Such structures can be resurfaced economically. A pressure washer is used to clean the old surface to remove oil, debris, and the top layer. This helps the new surface bond with the older one firmly.

Finishing Broom

A finishing broom is used often after floating the surface of the concrete structure or slab. It helps in creating a texture on the surface that not only gives it a rustic look but also makes it skid-proof.


A float is often the last tool that is used on a concrete structure. Once you are done working with the trowel, edger, groover, and other tools, a float is used. The purpose of using this tool is to achieve a slick finish on the surface. It can be avoided if a rough finish is what you need.