The Only Shipment Company that Your Business Needs

The choice of your shipment company plays a big role determining the quality of your e-commerce store. If you have an exceptional quality product and just because your shipment company delays its delivery, it ruins all the customer experience and results in negative feedback and degraded customer service.

When you don’t compromise on the quality of your products, why compromise on the logistics company. Cloud logistics from Fulfillment Management Group firmly believes that modern and advanced technological logistic systems are the need of the hour and the number one choice for e-commerce business owners today.

Cloud logistics from Fulfillment Management Group understands all the concerns of the entrepreneurs of the 21st century and has designed its operating system to cater all the current e-commerce business challenges and has become a one stop solution for all their problems.

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What Makes Us Stand Out?

Our innovative approach to logistics is the key feature that makes us standout. We treat every order as our own order. We bridge up the gap between our clients and us, so that we are on the same page.  We have always been something more than a service or just a group of warehouses and API call representatives.

We have adopted an approach of continuous improvement. We seek regular feedback from our clients, integrate their response in our system and work on our shortcomings. We help business owners to improve their systems as well, through our knowledge and experience gained by real time examples of people and businesses before them.

We apply smart, simple and customizable logistics to companies of any size. Our friendly style of communication and interaction makes companies trust our work and word. We are enthusiastic in providing service and care regarding each and every aspect. We are open and honest and are available round the clock to your service, contact us through our website

We Deliver What We Commit For

We select the most cost-effective plans for you and have flexible monthly based payment plans unlike traditional unavoidable long-term contracts; we believe your choice of freedom comes first. So that you only pay for what you need.

Our SaaS based software products and latest cloud technologies pave way and welcome the future of e-commerce ecosphere. We also offer international shipments through various routes. And deliver within two days of order dispatch. We also provide a special service of one day order deliveries.